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Our team of specialists work to assess the impact an organizations activities has on the environment. An organization’s manufacturing, procurement and logistical activities can be harmful to humans and/or the environment. Our team of specialists work with management to provide solutions in eliminating employee and environmental exposure to negative impacts of a business across the supply chain and simultaneously reduce costs.

We also offer internal audits that include the interpretation and implementation of various environmental standards for any business.

The benefits of the audit include:

  • Ensuring legislative compliance
  • Reducing environmental impacts
  • Reducing waste, water and energy costs 
  • Improving relations with stakeholders


We help businesses manage their water resources. Water shortages are becoming a common narrative globally due to excessive use and climate increased occurrence of droughts. In the world of commerce, most water losses come from leaky fittings, from burst pipes and unlicensed withdrawals which can be addressed with a good water management system

 Water resource management is the planning, development and implementation of water management and distribution tools to ensure the optimization of water usage within a company’s water cycle. We seek to balance water usage in regards to the competing demands for water and available water source to ensure sustainable water use.

Waste Management

We focus on disposing of all waste sustainability and minimizing environmental impact. Our consulting services include waste disposal, recovery, recycling, reuse, collection, minimisation, storage, transfer and treatment.

Our group of experts and partners have experience of providing practical advice on due diligence checks, remedial measures and associated costs of waste management and reductions.  They work with all waste types, domestic, commercial, industrial, hazardous, agricultural, and mining waste.

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